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About me

TL;DR (too long, didnt read)
My name is Sonny Gillissen. I currently live in Den Bosch, the Netherlands, together with my wife and two children. In my childhood it was already clear I would work in IT when I grew up as I’ve always been busy with computers. So I basically turned my hobby into my job. I did find new hobbies though: webdesign, radio and photography.


I’m Sonny Gillissen. Nice to meet you!

A bit more about me

When I was young computers were no secret to me. I’ve always been busy breaking computers down to rebuild them again, be it from a software or hardware perspective. Therefor working in IT seemed to be the logical choice.

As it might be a good idea to follow an education I’ve successfully completed IT Management. However, I felt studying wasn’t my deal, so I started working when I had the chance. After a while learning did became a topic again, as I felt the need to keep developing myself.

My certifications

I’m always looking for ways to improve myself and my skillset.
This has over time resulted in the following certifications.

The story continues

I’ve been allowed in the Microsoft Azure Champions Program where my goal is to help every IT professional (or professional working with IT) with their questions related to Microsoft Azure through Microsoft Learn Q&A.